Bandeau Swimwear

The bandeau swimwear is perhaps one of the most versatile pieces there is. Made famous when it was worn on the screen by Rita Hayworth, this bathing suit is now considered a favorite among beach lovers and sun worshipers, primarily because this style will go perfectly with almost any body shape and can come in various types of materials. This suit is designed as a skinny tube top that may or may not sport a strap tie around the neck to gather up the whole thing. Some designs sport a ring at the center to gather the bust. This beachwear will fit you perfectly if you are already blessed with a boyish, slender, and toned body. However, this does not mean that this suit is banned for those who are a little bit on the plump side. Bigger women can still wear these types of bikini tops and look great in them.

Bandeau Swimwear

The perfect style

This suit can come in various styles. The three basic styles are the bikini, the one-piece, and the two-piece tankini. The bikini is usually the best choice for those with long, slender torsos and toned arms and legs. The one-piece and the two-piece tankini will work for girls on the heaver side, although they will also work perfectly with slender girls as well. The traditional style does not sport any string whatsoever, but some modern designs now have strings to prevent the bust from coming down especially if you are not careful with your movements. The one-piece bandeau is subject to pulling down by the lower half if you are not careful, so make sure that you choose a suit that’s adequately supported by a strap or a u-shaped central drawstring.


The perfect fit

Making sure that your beachwear fits right in places where it should be is one of your priorities when choosing a bathing suit, especially if you are a fan of strapless swimsuits. A top that is loose can slip off, leaving you exposed. To make sure that your bathing apparel perfectly fits your body, see to it that the suit fits your body type. You can choose from strappy and non-strappy suits. Non-strappy swimwear will eliminate the presence of tan lines. They are good for girls who are very tall and have rather wide hips, because they can help shorten the torso and balance the hips with the rest of the body.

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