Bandeau Halter

The bandeau halter is the perfect outfit if you plan on spending a fun time on a beach or by the pool. This top is a popular look for uppers in swimwear since the ’70s and ’80s, but like most classic designs, it is still widely popular today. Beachwear done in this style are often more suited to women with boyish, tall, and lean bodies, although variations in the classic design make it appealing to women with other body types.

When to use halter necks

You can opt to use this style of top if you want to draw away attention from your large shoulders. This kind of swimsuit can make broad shoulders look narrow, although ironically, the traditional boob-tube design of a bandeau was found to be perfect in making very narrow shoulders look wider. The variation with the halter apparently does the opposite.

This kind of swimwear is also ideal for women who need moderate to large amount of support in the bust. Women with large cup sizes can benefit from the support that this top gives. This type of swimwear does not only gives support, it also gives a great-looking cleavage. However, women with rather large breasts may also want to consider using a top with shoulder straps, as this style will provide greater support, keep the bust in line, and prevent any unsightly sagging. If, on the other hand, you happen to have a very small chest and have decided to throw in a few extra foam pads to make your assets look bigger, this type of beach wear will give you the assurance that your pads will stay in place and there will be little risk for slippage later on.

When to avoid this swimsuit design

Girls with short necks should steer clear of halter-styled tops especially when this is not paired with a low-neckline design. Wearing these will only draw attention to the problem, making your short neck more conspicuous. You should also avoid other similarly constructed swimsuits if you want to lounge by the pool and work on your tan, as tops like these will surely give you conspicuous tan marks that you do not want to have.

Mixing and matching tops

You can mix and match your tops to add some variation in your outfit. This way, you create more options for your beachwear without buying a new swimsuit. Mixing and matching can easily be done by pairing a different bottom with a different top. For example, a bright, patterned top can be paired with a bottom in a solid, dark color. This pairing is suitable for bottom-heavy women who want a more proportioned look.