Bandeau Set

A bandeau set is one of the most popular swimsuits around today and for a good reason. This type of beachwear can accentuate narrow shoulders or make very broad shoulders appear a bit narrower. This type of swimwear is perfect for those who have a small bustline but still want to look great in a bikini.

Where to look for sexy beachwear

You can look for this type of beachwear in offline and online shops. You will definitely have more luck buying a top and a matching bottom in online stores. The only problem with buying swimwear in online stores is that you cannot fit your swimsuit before you buy it. So make sure your swimwear store offers a return policy in case your newly bought swimsuit doesn’t fit you.

Tips in choosing a swimsuit

The first step when shopping for this kind of swimwear is to determine your body type. These bathing suits will look good on women with boyish figures, and less on women who have large chests. If you are on the heavier side, there are other swimsuit styles that will suit you better.

Looking for beachwear in this style can be pretty tricky, as you need the top to fit snugly around the chest. Additional halter strings or shoulder straps can be used to give the top a perfect fit, although the top should be snug enough even without the straps. If you want the style that comes with a stylish ring on the middle of the bust, make sure that no body part shifts unnecessary when you move, as this can expose parts that you might want to keep covered.

The color and the pattern is also an important factor. If you want to reduce emphasis on your bottom and emphasize your chest and shoulders, choose a darker color for the bottom piece and a patterned top. You also need to make sure that any color of swimsuit you choose will not turn transparent once it gets wet. For best results, wet your swimsuit in the bathroom before taking a dip in the pool.

If you are planning on enjoying the beach with a few hours of serious swimming and other beachside activities, you might want to go for a top with wide, sturdy straps as opposed to narrow, spaghetti straps that are prone to breaking. Halter tops of suits in this design will prove especially useful, but make sure that you choose those with wide straps.