Bandeau Swim Suit

The bandeau swim suit is the perfect type of swimwear if you need to accentuate your curves. The name comes from the design of the upper part of the suit, which resembles a form-fitting tank top gathered at the middle by a ring design or behind the neck by strings for support.

A short history

The bandeau is actually a pretty old design that is still widely popular today. This band-like contoured part of the bathing suit came out as a simple brassiere with lacy trimmings that provided a bit of support. It soon became a popular outer garment as part of a beachwear ensemble. Famous for its familiar band shape, this is occasionally designed with a ring at the center, and traditionally with no straps.

The perfect bathing suit

As with most types of clothing, this type of swimwear will not look good on every woman. Women have different body types, and some body types carry this type of bathing suit better than others. The top is often more suited for those with smaller busts since it is only capable of giving a moderate amount of support. Women with larger busts may find this kind of bathing suit to be constricting, causing the chest to overflow over the upper part of the beach wear when it turns out to be too small. The top often loses its appeal when it appears too stretched and constricted. Those with very small busts may need to wear this part with straps tied around the neck to prevent it from slipping off, a nasty habit that this top tends to do especially if you keep on moving. Wearers with moderately sized chests should also choose designs and styles like these for adequate support.

Choosing a top

Choosing a the upper part of the bikini is very much like choosing any other type of clothing. After you have gone through the step of figuring out if you have the right body type for this swimsuit, the next step is choosing the style and the color that will work for you. For example, if you have a boyish figure, horizontal stripes on your bathing suit will look good on you. If you want more curves, a one-piece with the sides cut out will do wonders in giving you a sexier figure. If you want to avoid tan lines, go for strapless designs. Choosing the color is often up to you. But just remember to choose colors that will complement your skin tone.