Bandeau Tops

Bandeau tops are the perfect outfit if you are toned, slim, slender, and ready for that day spent under the sun. Fun and flirty at the same time, you can choose from a variety of prints and styles, whether you want to go strapless or go for more support and wear a halter type. From florals to animal prints or solid colors, and whether you are on your early teens or late thirties, you will find that as long as you have the right body, a bandeau swimsuit will look great on you.

Aside from choosing what kind of top you want to wear, you may also want to pair up a well-chosen piece of beachwear with a few choice accessories for that pulled-together look. Some accessories that will enhance your swimwear include cover-ups, foam fillers, shades, and hats.


Cover-ups are a must-have accessory if you want to spend time at a crowded resort or want to walk around in between dips. Cover-ups are often designed to resemble simple sundresses with spaghetti or halter tops, although most cover-ups are often made of sheer, cotton fabric or crocheted material. Cover-ups are also required by most cruise lines if you are on the deck.

Foam fillers

Some may not agree with using push-ups at the beach, especially if you will do a lot of swimming and romping around. However, if you want a fuller bust and are only heading for the summer resort to work on your tan, you can wear flesh-colored fillers. Some come in removable silicone, and with the right amount of support, you can wear these babies inconspicuously and without any fear that they will slip out. Just make sure that your top is very snug around the bust. Preferably add more support by wearing a halter top.


Notch up your glamour factor with a pair of sunglasses. Sunny days will neither be complete nor comfortable without a good pair of sunglasses to keep those dangerous UV rays from feasting on your eyes.


For a sophisticated yet laid-back look, a hat will do the trick. Whether you want to go for a sexy cowgirl look or go soft and dainty with a simple women’s straw hat, you are protecting yourself while being stylish at the same time.

Beach tote

An essential accessory, the beach tote is perhaps one of the most practical items you can ever bring with you. Choose one with lots of room. It would also be good if you would select a tote that is water-proof. This all-important bag is the place to dump your sun block, your shades, a good book, water bottles, your towels, and virtually anything else you need during your summer outings.